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Please use the form below to get the support for any problem/issue regarding the order, product delivery etc. Download instructions are emailed automatically, if you do not receive the receipt / download instructions in your provided e-mail address. There could be number of possible reasons for that e.g.
  1. Your system uses spam filters and e-mail sent by 4exam.com may have been blocked. In this case do contact us and provide a another e-mail address and your download instructions / password shall be e-mailed again immediately.
  2. The download instructions / receipt e-mail has been intercepted by the junk mail folder. Please do check it out before contacting us.
  3. There may be a typing mistake in the e-mail address provided to 4exam.com. If this is the case do provide us with an alternate e-mail address, so that the relevant information could be e-mailed back to you.



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